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Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine Vinyl Starter Kit Bundle Many other folks out there are struggling to choose the best vinyl cutting machine that meets all their needs and expectations. This is chiefly because countless manufacturers are introducing their own versions of vinyl cutters into the market— all bearing the ‘BEST’ vinyl cutters label. What do you plan to use your new vinyl cutter for? If you plan to handle complex designs and signs in large numbers, then you should look for a commercial model. Cutting width You’ll also note that the best vinyl cutting machines come with different cutting depths and vary in size. The manufacturers state that this depends on the machine blade as well as the pressure it can apply. The maximum cutting depth for most models is around 2mm. We recommend you to go for a machine with the maximum cutting depth. This will ensure you’ll have an easy time cutting thick leather and papers. This is something most beginners tend to ignore when shopping for a vinyl cutter. However, this is an important consideration given that you’ll be able to have your design on all the materials you wish. Check what type of materials and fabric the machine you wish to buy can cut, apart from vinyl. Look for one that claims to cut a plethora of materials. But don’t just believe that…check the previous user reviews on whether it cuts through most of the materials it claims. Ease of use Make sure the machine you plan to invest in comes with a less complex operation mechanism and is easy to use to make precision cuts. Remember to read other reviews about ease of use. Check how easy it is to do simple tasks like replacing the cartridges with pens for printing, loading papers into the machine. It’s also advisable to confirm that the machine you want to buy works with the most common types of papers such as vinyl, magnet paper, leather, and adhesive paper. Some machines even come with integrated software that makes your work much easier and people can do more custom designs. They also present you with a library of free designs that you can use for quick projects or as a beginner. Other factors that contribute to the ease of use of a cutting machine include automatic settings, wireless capability. As such, getting a model that comes with a user warranty is also an important consideration. Other than assuring you the quality of the machine, a warranty acts as your safety net. This means you’ll know what to do in case your machine stops working, like asking for a replacement or even having the owner experts solve the issue. Regardless of how simple or advanced a vinyl cutter you’re looking for, it must fall within your budget. As with all the other products out there, these machines tend to vary in terms of price. On bing. The models that come with a higher cost tend to have a higher quality. But don’t let that discourage you. It’s still possible to find a good quality cutter that matches your personal needs and interests at a friendlier cost..
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